Proposed Camp Hero Wastewater Treatment Improvement Project

The Camp Hero residential community is served by an on-site wastewater disposal system that services the entire 29 lot neighborhood in Montauk. The existing system is comprised of a conventional subsurface sewage disposal system, a gravity collection system, and a pump station & force main system.  A significant part of the wastewater system is at the end of its useful life now and the Town of East Hampton has retained an engineering firm, Nelson & Pope to assess the current structural and operational conditions and provide recommendations based on the facts, findings and their expertise, to propose a remediation method that would be a best fit and economical solution to improve the system that serves the Camp Hero community.   

The engineer reviewed all the prevalent methods and techniques of repairing or refurbishing damaged pipes and the existing sewage disposal system as well as various options for a replacement sewage disposal system.  Following the review, Nelson & Pope has provided recommendations for the community to consider that were proposed to increase the longevity and provide for a long-term improvement in the functionality and environmental impacts of the system. 

Representatives from the Town of East Hampton and Nelson & Pope presented findings and recommendations to the residents of the Camp Hero community on August 9, 2023 and will continue to work with the residents on a path forward if they so choose.  If this proposed project is to move forward it will be fully vetted by the Town Board, Camp Hero residents and the public.

This proposed project will be potentially funded by Community Preservation Water Quality Improvement Funds as a wastewater treatment -water quality improvement project to protect groundwater and surface water quality. 

Additional information will be uploaded to this page as it becomes available.  Any questions please reach out to the Natural Resources Department and CPF Staff at

Field reconnaissance and camera inspections of the collection system performed by the consultant revealed that the material of the collection system pipes is asbestos-cement (ACP), the handling of which is strictly regulated by NYSDEC as the material is considered to be hazardous to public health.  Some of the pipes have been damaged and some have heavy deposition and biological growth and accumulation of water inside them. The videos of the internal camera inspection may be accessed and viewed by following the link below:

Camp Hero Pipe Inspection Videos

Available Documents