Assessor's Office


For Enhanced STAR

(Star Check Recipients Must Register With New York State)

Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program: Questions and Answers

New Applicants for Basic and Enhanced STAR

Beginning 03/02/2015 new Basic and Enhanced Star applicants must register with New York State Department of Taxation and Finance to receive a STAR check, see STAR Credit

New Applicants for Volunteer Firefighter/Ambulance Worker

Where (two or more) qualified volunteers own property together, that property may receive multiple exemptions with separate applications filed

Mission Statement

To provide the most fair and accurate assessed values to our property owners. To maintain a professional atmosphere in the office and to foster relationships with property owners, other local officials, and professionals to aid in a joint shared database that is necessary for the valuation process.

Department Responsibilities

  • Property tax assessments
  • Produce Annual Assessment Roll

Maintain & Research

  • Ownership records
  • New York State real property tax exemptions
  • Utility special franchise properties
  • Property data and inventory
  • District mapping function conforming to official Suffolk County tax maps
  • Current street address database to comply with E-911 Emergency Dispatch System

***2023 Key Dates***

May 1 
Tentative Assessment Roll
May 16
Grievance Day
July 1 Final Assessment Roll
July 31
SCAR Deadline Suffolk County 
 (Small Claims Assessment Review)

Key Assessment Information

July 1
Valuation date (previous year)
March 1
Taxable status date
  New exemption and renewal application due
May 1
Tentative Assessment Roll available for public viewing
  First day of Grievance Period
Third Tuesday in May
Grievance Day / Last day to file grievance
 July 1Final Roll (current year)