Home Improvement Program

What is the Home Improvement Program?

The Home Improvement Program allows for the rehabilitation of owner occupied homes.  This includes the repair of the house structure and/or electrical and plumbing problems.

Special improvements required for the disabled and other repairs are eligible.

Who is Eligible?

Homeowners who qualify by the income guidelines and who occupy their homes year round. An applicant must own your home or property for at least one year prior to application.


What Are the Income Guidelines?

Family Size
Family Income
1 Person $67,450
2 Persons $77,050
3 Persons $86,700
4 Persons $96,300
5 Persons $104,050
6 Persons $111,750
7 Persons $119,450
8 Persons $127,150

Types of Assistance

  • Deferred Loans - No interest loans, repayable only when the title to the property is sold or transferred.
  • No monthly payments are required

Amounts of the Loans

There are limits on Community Development funds used per client.

In all cases, assistance offered will be determined by the staff of the East Hampton Office of Housing and Community Development. A small amount of funds, allocated on a yearly basis are available for residents of Sag Harbor, who are also residents of the Town of East Hampton.

For more information, please email Francis Bock.
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