Fire Advisory Committee


  • Tom Baker, Ex-Chief, Springs Fire District
  • Thomas Bono, 2nd Asst. Chief, East Hampton Fire District
  • David H. Brown, Village Trustee, East Hampton
  • David Browne, Chief Fire Marshal, East Hampton Town
  • Vincent Carillo, Jr., Montauk Fire Department
  • John Claflin, Chief Springs Fire District
  • Kenneth Collum, Village Fire Marshall, East Hampton District
  • Larry Franzone, Ex-Chief, Montauk Fire District
  • Ken Hallock Sr., Amagansett Fire District

  • Carl Hamilton, Commissioner Amagansett Fire District
  • John Healey, Ex-Chief,Bridgehampton Fire District
  • Dan Lester, Amagansett Fire Department
  • Jeff Louchheim, Commissioner Bridgehampton Fire District
  • Richard Schoen, Montauk Fire Department
  • Michael Scholl, Springs Fire Commissioner
  • Bruce Stafford, Village Trustee, Sag Harbor Fire District
  • Richard Thayer, Chief, Bridgehampton Fire District


  • Fred Overton


To advise the Town Board on vital legislation for public safety pertaining to fire protection.