General Committees

  1. Amagansett Life Saving & Coast Guard Committee

    Amagansett Life Saving and Coast Guard Building Community Center Committee

  2. Business Committee

    Find out who serves on the Town of East Hampton Business Committee.

  3. East Hampton Arts Council

    Access a listing of East Hampton Arts Council members.

  4. Energy Sustainability Committee

    Learn more about the Energy Sustainability Committee.

  5. Harbors & Docks Slips Committee

    Locate details on the members and councilman of the Harbors and Docks Slips Committee.

  6. Inter-Agency Committee

    Find information on the Town of East Hampton Inter-Agency Committee.

  7. Montauk Playhouse Comm. Center Board of Managers

    Learn more about the Montauk Playhouse Community Center Board of Managers.

  8. Nature Preserve Committee

    Find out who sits on the Nature Preserve Committee.

  9. Northwest Comprehensive Coordinating Committee

    See who serves on the Northwest Comprehensive Coordinating Committee.

  10. Property Management Committee

    Locate member details for the Property Management Committee.

  11. Volunteer Ocean Rescue & Auxiliary Squad

    Check out information on the East Hampton Volunteer Ocean Rescue and Auxiliary Squad.

  12. Recycling & Litter Committee

    Access more information on the Recycling and Litter Committee.