Special Event Applications

Special Events

Special event applications are submitted to the Town Clerk's office and reviewed by East Hampton Town's Special Events Committee. The Special Events Application Form is required for any special event defined in the East Hampton Town Code Chapter 151 Special Events Permits

Before filling out the application please read the following:

Special Events at Residences:

A Special Event Permit is not required for a gathering at a residence if the following four conditions are met: the gathering is limited to less than 50 people, outdoor music will be turned off by 9 P.M., cars will be parked on the residential property, a tent less than 700 sq ft. will be erected. If one or more conditions can't be met, a Special Event permit is required.

Special Events on Town Beaches:

Applications for beach events will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Please be aware that the East Hampton Town Trustees requires a Trustee Consent Application to be submitted to the Trustee office for any gathering that is catered and is being held on a Trustee beach whether it is located in the Town or Village of East Hampton. Applications can be found here: https://ehtrustees.com/applications-fees/special-events/ Applications must be turned into the Trustees office at least 10 days before the event.

All Other Events

For events that are not listed above, applicants should submit a Special Event Permit Application for the Committee to review.

 When submitting a special event application please include the following:

* If you are a second homeowner and the address on your license is different than your residential property in East Hampton Town, please include a copy of a tax bill or document that serves as proof of residency. A utility bill will not be accepted)

** (Checks should be made payable to: Town of East Hampton.)  

Special Event Applications

The Special Events Application Form is required for any special event as defined in the East Hampton Town Code Chapter 151 Special Events Permits.

The standard application form is for events that fall into the following five categories – Residential, Commercial, Public Property (such as public park, beach, or other property which is open to the public), Parade/Walk-Run and Art Sale:

A short form is now available for catered events on public property of less than 50 people if certain conditions are met:

 For a list of all fees pertaining to special events, please refer to the fee schedule below. These fees will be required to apply for and process a permit for a special event(Checks should be made payable to: Town of East Hampton.) Fees not paid at the time the application is submitted, will result in a delay in processing the application. Each fee and/or deposit should be paid by separate check.

Special Event applications should be submitted to the Town Clerk, in person or by mail.

Applications for events involving one to 75 participants, must be submitted at least 21 days before the event; for events involving 76 to 150 participants, the application must be submitted at least 30 days before the event; for events involving 151-250 or more participants, the applications must be submitted at least 48 days prior to the event; and for events involving more than 251 participants, the application must be submitted 60 days before the event. For each application, the Town Clerk has the discretion to waive the submission deadline.

Once an application is deemed complete, it is reviewed by the Special Events Committee who has the authority to issue or deny a permit.

For further assistance with Special Events Applications, please contact SpecialEvents@EHamptonNY.Gov

Members of the committee include:

  • EHTPD Chief Michael Sarlo
  • Chief Fire Marshall Dave Browne
  • Clerk of the Trustees Francis Bock
  • Superintendent of Recreation John Rooney
  • Councilwoman Cate Rogers
  • Deputy Supervisor Kathee Burke-Gonzalez

Ex Officio

  • Town Clerk Carole Brennan
  • Legislative Secretary Ann Marie Lamprecht 
  • Legislative Secretary Chelsea Walker
  • Representative from Town Attorney’s Office

It should be noted that a Special Events Application is deemed complete upon receipt of a completed application form, any and all applicable fees and a certificate of insurance and indemnification agreement pursuant to § 151-16.