Water Quality Improvement Plan Projects

The purpose of the Town of East Hampton's Water Quality Improvement Plan is to outline the water quality improvement needs in the watersheds of the Town of East Hampton and make specific recommendations for the use of CPF funding to effectively improve existing water quality caused by existing development and land use.  The referendum in November 2016 allows for the protection and improvement of water quality by funding improvement projects. The primary purpose is to improve water quality and preserve community character by implementing best management practices, restoring degraded habitats, improving stormwater management techniques and upgrading conventional sanitary systems with innovative alternatives with nitrogen removal capabilities within priority watersheds.  The need for improvements stem from both the designated impairments in local watersheds by NYSDEC through the development of total maximum daily loads (TMDLs) for pathogens and from local and regional initiatives to reduce pollutant inputs to our surface and groundwater. These initiatives emphasize the need for local management of target pollutants within the watersheds of East Hampton in order to improve water quality and restore beneficial uses.  

The Town of East Hampton intends to use its CPF resources wisely and to systematically approach the nitrogen problem and other pollutants of concern in high priority areas by concentrating first on Reduction tactics (upgrading of systems to require treatment before disposal into the ground) and then considering Remediation (treatment in groundwater) and Restoration tactics (treatment in waterbody), where such projects are reviewed and found to be appropriate and cost effective.  

Pursuant to the Peconic Bay Region Community Preservation Act, projects eligible for funding shall include:

·         Wastewater Treatment Improvement Projects;

·         Non-Point Source Abatement and Control Program Projects;

·         Aquatic Habitat Restoration Projects; and,

·         Pollution Prevention Projects

A detailed list of projects for water quality improvements to be implemented in each watershed is included in the plan and has allowed the Town to jump start its program by funding final designs for projects recommended in previously published subwatershed management plans as well as shovel-ready projects that have been recommended in the WQIP.  

Town of East Hampton Funded Water Quality Improvement Projects:
  • Accabonac Harbor - Parsons Place Drainage Improvements
  • Accabonac Harbor - Parsons Place and Shipyard Lane Raingardens
  • Accabonac Harbor - Macroalgae Bioextraction Pilot
  • Accabonac Harbor - Louse Point Road Stormwater Abatement Design
  • Hog Creek - Groundwater Seepage Monitoring and Permeable Reactive Barrier Design
  • Cove Hollow Stormwater Pipe - Internal Inspection, Survey, Engineering Design for Remediation
  • Village of Sag Harbor - Bay Street Permeable Pavement and Raingardens in Marine Park 
  • Village of Sag Harbor - Havens Beach Raingardens 
  • Village of Sag Harbor - Western Bay Street Stormwater Abatement
  • Lowenstein Stormwater Pipe - Internal Inspection, Survey, Engineering Design for Remediation
  • Lowenstein Stormwater Pipe - End-of-Pipe Treatment utilizing Fabco Helix Filter
  • Three Mile Harbor - Stormwater Abatement Design
  • Three Mile Harbor - Groundwater Seepage Monitoring and Injection Permeable Reactive Barrier Design
  • Amagansett Comfort Station - Innovative and Alternative Septic System Installed
  • Lake Montauk - Stormwater Abatement Design: South Lake and West Lake
  • Village of East Hampton - Herrick Park Comfort Station - Innovative and Alternative Septic System Installation

Water Quality Improvement Plan Documents