Proposed South Lake Montauk Park Revitalization Plan


The Town of East Hampton has proposed a restoration of the South Lake Montauk parking area for stormwater abatement and control and plans to incorporate improvements to revitalize the area as a Park. South Lake Montauk suffers from beneficial use impairments due to water quality impacts.  The beach has been closed for public bathing due to high bacteria levels since 2005. This project is the first step to improving the water quality of Lake Montauk and will be followed by other improvements in the area to protect this sensitive and important natural feature.

The Town is proposing to reduce stormwater runoff and implement site improvements to improve the water quality of South Lake Montauk.  The overall impervious parking coverage will be reduced and the lot will be pitched towards permeable pavement spaces as well as a dry stream bed to improve infiltration of stormwater and reduce runoff from entering the Lake. The composting sanitary facility will be removed and the existing comfort station will be upgraded to an innovative/alternative nitrogen-reducing septic system for improved wastewater treatment. Invasive species have overrun this area and will thus be removed and replaced with native plants that once dominated the shoreline of South Lake Montauk. Lastly, to improve the usabilty of the Park, a seating area will be incorporated along with bike and kayak rack storage and educational signage and trail maps installed.

The goal of this project is to maintain the character of the area while incorporating improvements for water quality and functionality. 

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Stormwater Management

Proposed Dry Stream- Bed for Better Infiltration

Control Runoff and Provide Treatment

Reduction of Impervious Pavement

Installation of Permeable Pavers

Pitch Lot to Treatment Areas

Organized Parking

Remove Invasive Plants and Plant Natives

Septic System Upgrade

Removal of Old Conventional and Composting Systems

Installation of New Innovative/Alternative Septic System

Capable of Reducing Nitrogen up to 70%

Seating Area & Bike/Kayak Racks

Informational Signage and Trail Maps

11-1-21_SouthLakeDr-Plan Render

Additional Documents