Army Corps of Engineers Lake Montauk Harbor Inlet Dredging

Montauk inlet

This federal project calls for dredging the inlet to increase its depth and width. The dredged sediment will be deposited along the shoreline west of the inlet.

Army Corps of Engineers "Lake Montauk Harbor Navigation Improvements Feasibility Study" Final Report:

Montauk Inlet Dredging Project Update - Presented at East Hampton Town Board Work Session, September 6, 2022:

The Lake Montauk Navigational Improvement Project will increase the maintenance dredging of the Lake Montauk inlet from 12 ft. to 17 ft. at mean lower low water; resulting in safer navigation, especially for deeper draft vessels, and less frequent dredging intervals.  

The dredged material, which consists of an estimated 145,000 cubic yards of beach compatible sediment, will be deposited along the shorelines of the easternmost properties west of the inlet.  The exact dimensions of the sand placement will be determined by the specific volume of sediment within the inlet at time the dredging occurs and the participation of the private property owners closest to the western jetty.  

The Army Corps anticipates beginning this project in the fall of 2023.

 US Army Corps Lake Montauk Harbor Navigation Improvement Project
Town Board Work Session Presentation -- March 7, 2023