Sustainable Landscaping

Sustainability is a leading practice informing all of the Town's efforts, including our landscaping. All landscape maintenance performed on Town properties is done without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Gas powered leaf blowers are harmful to the environment and health of those using leaf blowers. The Town of East Hampton enacted legislation to have a seasonal ban on gas and diesel leaf blowers from May 20th through September 20th. Town Parks Department staff uses battery electric lawn mowers on our Town Hall campus. Through a collaboration with Changehampton, their organization installed a pollinator garden at Town Hall. 

A ton of information on what a sustainable landscape is and how you can create a sustainable landscape on your property, can be found by watching a discussion with our panel of local experts on the topic. View the recording of "Sustainable Landscaping: Everything You Need to Know" here:

2023-05-08 (4)
Some Key Highlights from the Panel are summarized in the below infographics. 
How to Create a Sustainable Landscape
Sustainable Landscaping Infographic_