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*Please see below for updates on the Cantwell Court Affordable Housing Subdivision

What is the Affordable Home Ownership Program?

The Town of East Hampton Affordable Home Ownership Program is the Town of East Hampton’s principal program to provide the opportunity for home ownership to qualified individuals and families. Since the 1980’s, this program has led to the construction and administration of over 200 individual homes. 

Generally speaking, the Program works as follows: the Town will construct a new residence on Town-owned land and make the house (only) available for purchase at an affordable price. The Town maintains ownership of the underlying land. Homeowners are responsible for the purchase of the home and resultant mortgage and to pay taxes, utilities, maintenance costs, and all other costs normally associated with home ownership. When homeowners decide to sell the home, the Town will commonly “buy-back” the home to keep it in the system and offer it to the next qualified individual or family. The Office of Housing and Community Development uses various grants, programs, public and private financing entities to administer the Program.

Does the Town of East Hampton plan to have more affordable homes available for purchase?

In the coming years, we hope to not only increase the number of single-family homes available through the Home Ownership Program, but exponentially increase the rate at which they are constructed. The recent establishment of the Community Housing Fund is anticipated to greatly aid this effort by providing funding for projects to construct new housing units and purchase existing ones. 

It is the goal of the Town of East Hampton to have all members of the community have an opportunity to obtain adequate and affordable housing.

What if I want to or need to rent as opposed to owning a home?

The Affordable Home Ownership Program represents the home ownership approach, as opposed to rentals, to our goal of providing an adequate supply of affordable housing. For more information on rental opportunities in the Town, please see the main page of the Office of Housing and Community Development on this website including the links to the East Hampton Housing AuthorityWindmill Village HDFC and Whalebone Village

How do I get on the list to be eligible for a home through the Affordable Home Ownership Program?

The Office of Housing and Community Development maintains a list of eligible applicants. This list was last updated in 2017 and was created after an application process which utilized a lottery to determine the order of eligible individuals. The Housing List is CURRENTLY CLOSED. However…




Cantwell Court Affordable Housing Subdivision – 395 Pantigo Road, East Hampton

East Hampton Town’s Cantwell Court Affordable Housing Subdivision will provide 16 new single-family residences for moderate income families.

Two, three, and four-bedroom homes ranging from 600 to 1,500 square feet will be built on lots ranging in size from .25 to .38 acres. The houses will be designed to meet the Town’s green energy standards and goals and feature all-electric utilities.

The neighborhood will include close to 6 acres of protected open space in reserved areas at the north and south ends of the subdivision, which will be accessible to the public and to Cantwell Court residents.  

The project, a part of the Town’s Home Ownership Program (HOP), has been approved by the East Hampton Town Planning Board and the Suffolk County Department of Health Services, and has received required permits from the NYS Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Conservation. 

Site clearing for road construction is expected to begin in January, 2024, and road construction and utility infrastructure is expected to be finalized by the fall of 2024. 

Beginning in March, 2024, the Town expects to begin soliciting proposals from contractors for home designs and select several contractors to construct homes of various sizes and price points to accommodate the future homeowners.

Eligible homeowner candidates will be moderate income families (earning up to 130 percent of the area median income, or AMI) selected from the Town’s existing 2017 Housing List, in the order previously determined by lottery. Potential homeowners will be vetted by the EH Town Office of Housing and Community Development beginning in the spring of 2024.

Home construction is anticipated to start in the winter of 2025.

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**The Town of East Hampton will be posting updates on this project at this web address as they become available. **

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