Financial Operations

The Supervisor is the chief fiscal officer of the Town; however, the Budget Officer, as the chief fiscal advisor to the Town Board, is responsible for the Town's accounting and financial reporting activities. The Town Board serves as the Town's finance board.


The Supervisor, with the assistance of the Budget Officer, prepares a preliminary budget for submission to the Town Board. The tentative budget must be filed in the office of the Town Clerk on or before September 30th of each year. The tentative budget is submitted to the Town Board not later than October 5. Following review and modification, a preliminary budget hearing is held by November 15. At this hearing, members of the public may express opinions, which the Town Board may take under advisement. Approval of the budget is not subject to a vote of the electorate and the Town Board may make changes following the hearing process. The Town Board is required to adopt the final annual budget by November 20. From time to time, the Town Board may make changes or modifications in the amount of annual appropriations subject to legal provisions.

Annual Financial Reports

The Town prepares an annual financial report, which must be filed with the State Comptroller. Financial statements are annually audited by an independent public accountant and the Town is audited periodically by the State Comptroller.