Parks & Building Maintenance

The Buildings and Grounds Department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and service of almost all of the properties the town owns, including:
  • Town Hall
  • East Hampton Police Department
  • East Hampton Airport
  • Justice Court
  • Senior Center
  • Montauk Playhouse
  • Springs Youth Association - located at Springs Schools
  • 23 Comfort Stations
  • 34 cemeteries
  • Beaches
  • Soccer/Ballfields
  • Parks

Town Electrical Division

Responsible for maintaining streetlights throughout East Hampton, Wainscott, Montauk and Sag Harbor.  We also do electrical installation and repairs to our buildings and heating systems.  

To report a light out: (631) 324-2417 ext. 2408. Please leave your name, a call back number and the pole number/address of the lights to be repaired.


We have carpenters an plumbers on staff to perform maintenance, repairs and improvements to our buildings and properties.  The carpenters are responsible or anything from building picnic tables, office book cases, lifeguard stands, handicap ramps, cemetery and ballfield fences , or entire structures such as garages and sheds, to installing doors and windows. 


We have mechanics on staff to repair and service our vehicles and equipment, such as trucks, tractors, riding mowers, beach rakes, bobcats, track loaders, etc. 

Landscaping & Maintenance

The Department is responsible for mowing and landscaping of all Town properties, parks, ball fields, and cemeteries. We are responsible for tree removal as well as repair and maintenance of landscaping equipment. 

Beach Maintenance

Beach maintenance is an integral component of the Building & Grounds responsibilities.  The staff cleans and maintains the ocean beaches at Atlantic Ave., Indian Wells, Beach Lane (east side) Kirk Park, Ditch Plains and South Edison. They also clean and maintain Fresh Pond, Big Alberts, Little Albert, Maidstone, South Edison, Sammy’s Beach, South Lake, which are our bay beaches, using tractors with beach rakes to remove trash and debris from the beaches. We clean and maintain all comfort stations. There are several full-time garbage crews responsible for the removal of trash from the beach parking lots and beach ends.

Custodial Staff

We have custodial crews cleaning town buildings and comfort stations, conference rooms, etc.

Garbage Crews

Our garbage collection crews work seven days a week throughout the summer season and five days a week the remainder of the year.  They pick up trash around the town, beaches, parks, ballfields, etc.

Event Organization

The Building and Grounds Department in conjunction with the Recreation Department sets up and organizes town events and programs, and benefits.  These include the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Turkey Run for Fun, Largest Clam Contest and many others.

Storm Cleanup

Buildings and Grounds is responsible for pre-storm preparation and after-storm cleanup, for events such as hurricanes, snowstorms etc.