Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee

Purpose and Functions

The WQTAC serves as an advisory capacity to the Town Board on all water quality matters.  The principal responsibility of the WQTAC is to provide technical analysis, support and recommendations to the East Hampton Town Board concerning water quality improvement projects, initiatives, and programs.  WQTAC is tasked with reviewing all project proposals and funding requests through the Community Preservation Fund 20% WQ budget. The WQTAC will make determinations on the eligibility of a project for CPF Water Quality funding based on interpretation of the NYS and Town CPF legislation.  The seven member WQTAC makes recommendations to the Town Board for funding allocations for projects and initiatives with the goal of measurable water quality improvement in priority waterbodies following the provisions of Chapter 112 “Community Preservation” Article IV “Water Quality Improvement”.  The WQTAC may also provide guidance or recommendations for modifications to the Septic Incentive Program or other Town water quality programs and propose changes or creation of Town code or policies.  


  • Bill Hajek (Chair)
  • Christine Ganitsch
  • Jaime LeDuc
  • John Aldred (Trustee's Rep)
  • John Parker
  • Peter Topping


  • Brian Frank, Chief Environmental Analyst
  • Kim Shaw, Environmental Protection Director
  • Mellissa Winslow, Senior Environmental Analyst
  • Scott Wilson, Director of Land Acquisition & Management
  • Tina Vavilis LaGarenne, Principal Planner

Town Board Liaison

  • David Lys