New East Hampton Senior Center

The Town’s Human Services Department serves the vast and varied needs of three generations of seniors. Our seniors – from 60 to 100 years of age – encompass diverse interests, attitudes, lifestyles, and physical abilities. The increasing numbers of Town residents 60+, coupled with the Town’s strong commitment to wellness, provide significant opportunities for our Human Services Department to serve our community in ways that were not possible in the past.

In light of these population trends and the fact that the physical space of the current center is woefully inadequate to serve the community’s immediate and future needs, the Town Board has committed capital monies to purchase 7 acres of land located at 403 Abraham’s Path, Amagansett and to design and construct a new, larger senior facility with R2 Architecture as our partners.

In keeping with the Town’s climate emergency declaration to the guiding principles of eliminating of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate and environmental impacts, the new East Hampton Senior Center will be designed to be net zero, with a low nitrogen wastewater system that is safe for the environment.

Comments on the new senior center project should be submitted to: 

R2 Architecture Reveals the Schematic Designs for the New Senior Center-Windmill

The schematic design concept for the new senior center was revealed by the R2 architecture team during a April 18th  Town Board Work sessions Meeting. Click on the designs below to learn more:

 Windmill DesignWindmill Design

Public Discussion Continues for New Senior Center

Town Hires R2 Architecture to Design New Senior Center

Town Purchases 7 Acres at 403 Abraham’s Path, Amagansett for New Senior Center

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