Energize East Hampton



Energize East Hampton (EEH) is a Town joint initiative that connects East Hampton residents and business owners with programs that offer energy and money saving options, while working towards achieving the Town’s 100% renewable energy goal . EEH program partners include Long Island Green Home and GreenLogic Energy.

Long Island Green Homes: Provides free home energy audits and assistance with home efficiency upgrades. Audits identify areas of energy waste in the home that may result in higher energy bills, and offer suggestions for improvements and retrofits to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.  Visit EnergizeEH.org to watch our webinar on Home Energy Audits.

Solarize East Hampton: The Energize East Hampton initiative includes a Solarize campaign that offers reduced pricing on rooftop solar panel installations. GreenLogic Energy has been selected by the Town as the campaign’s solar installer. Residents who sign up for rooftop solar installation will be able to receive special discounted pricing through the Solarize campaign.

Residents and business owners interested in taking advantage of any of these offers through the EEH initiative can sign up to receive more information by visiting Energize East Hampton.