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Clean Water East Hampton
Community Preservation Fund Water Quality Improvement

Since its inception in 1999, the Peconic Bay Community Preservation Fund (CPF), a two-percent real estate transfer tax for land acquisition for open space, farmland, and historic preservation, as well as recreational purposes, has raised over $1 billion to protect over 10,000 acres of land on the East End of Long Island. In November 2016, a referendum was passed in the five east end towns of Long Island to extend the CPF through 2050 and to allow up to 20 percent of its proceeds to be used for water quality initiatives annually.

The primary purpose is to improve water quality and preserve community character by implementing best management practices, restoring degraded habitats, improving stormwater management techniques and upgrading conventional sanitary systems with innovative alternatives to reduce nitrogen loading within priority watersheds. The need for improvements stem from both the designated impairments in local watersheds and from local and regional initiatives to reduce pollutant inputs to our surface and groundwater. These initiatives emphasize the need for local management of target pollutants within the watersheds of East Hampton in order to improve water quality and restore beneficial uses.

The Town of East Hampton intends to use its CPF resources wisely and to systematically approach the nitrogen problem and other pollutants of concern in high priority areas by concentrating first on Reduction tactics (upgrading of systems to require treatment before disposal into the ground) and then considering Remediation (treatment in groundwater) and Restoration tactics (treatment in waterbody), where such projects are reviewed and found to be appropriate and cost effective. These components represent the best use of CPF funding to improve water quality in East Hampton. Proposed projects will address existing sources of pollution and will not promote new development to achieve a net reduction in pollutants entering surface waters.

Round 2 - 2020: Request for Applications – Water Quality Improvement Program Grant Application

Applications Available: June 22, 2020
Applications Due: August 20, 2020

The Town of East Hampton has issued a Request for Applications (RFA) for grants for water quality improvement projects that may be eligible for funding through the Community Preservation Fund. According to state law, up to 20 percent of the town’s C.P.F. fund proceeds, which come from a two-percent tax on real estate transfers, may be used for water quality projects.

Through this program the Town is able to fund projects ranging from wastewater treatment improvement to abatement of pollutants from point and non-point sources, and aquatic habitat restoration. Applications will be considered twice a year by the town’s Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee.

Wastewater treatment upgrades and other projects on municipal, commercial, multi-family or high-density residences, and properties owned by not-for-profit entities, may be eligible. This program differs from the Town’s ongoing Septic Incentive Program, which provides grants to property owners for septic system upgrades, as it is designed to provide higher grant funding awards for large-scale projects that can have a significant impact on water quality.

Eligible property owners interested in implementing water quality improvement projects, including upgrading their existing sanitary systems to low-nitrogen treatment systems, in order to improve water quality and help protect our precious lakes, harbors, and ponds, are encouraged to apply for this opportunity to fund their projects.

Applications for the second round of 2020 grant funding will be accepted from June 22, 2020, through August 20, 2020 at 4 p.m.

Once the application window closes, all applications received will be reviewed and rated by the Water Quality Technical Advisory Committee, and recommendations for grant awards will be presented to the Town Board for funding allocations.

The Request for Applications form can be found on the Town website on the Natural Resources Department, Clean Water East Hampton page ( or can be emailed directly to applicants upon request.

Please direct questions or application submissions to the Natural Resources Department at or 631-324-0496.