Personal Wireless Communications

In recognition of the growing demands throughout the town on wireless/cellular services, and the need for an improved wireless network, in September, 2020, East Hampton Town issued a request for proposals for a consultant to:

Facilitate the creation of a Wireless Master Plan that will guide the development of the wireless network in the Town and update the Town Code to reflect current conditions and federal guidelines

  • Inventory, map, and assess existing tower and wireless antenna locations
  • Produce cellular coverage maps to identify where there are gaps in coverage
  • Review existing regulations regarding wireless facilities; analyze projected growth and engineering to meet growth forecast
  • Produce a draft Wireless Infrastructure Study and draft Wireless Master Plan and present to the public for discussion

Provide support services to the Town in response to applications for wireless service facilities

  • Advise the Town Board regarding proposed leases or licenses for use of Town-owned properties for the installation of telecommunications equipment
  • Review applications related to the installation of telecommunications infrastructure that are submitted to the Planning Board for site plan approval, and/or the Zoning Board of Appeals for variances

CityScape Consultants, Inc. was engaged to conduct the work, and has been working with a town-appointed Wireless Communications committee comprising both citizens and town staff to develop an East Hampton Wireless Infrastructure Poll.

The poll gathered information about respondents’ experiences with wireless service, aesthetic preferences, concerns, etc., which was  used in the development of a Wireless Communications Master Plan that will assess the needs of the town and recommend potential solutions.

JUNE, 2023Draft Town of East Hampton Wireless Master Plan

May, 2023: Draft Wireless Master Plan Presentation, Town Board Work Session May 16, 2023