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November 28, 2023 1:15 PM

County 911 Service Issues Resolved

UPDATE: As of 5:00 PM on Nov 28, this situation has been completely resolved, all 911 calls are being handled and routed appropriately. Thank you for your patience.

Intermittent 911 Service disruption:
Trouble reaching 911—Immediately hang up and call 631-537-7575 or 852-COPS.

The Suffolk County Police Department has notified East Hampton Town Police Department of an intermittent issue with at least one known cell phone carrier that is causing disruptions to 911 call service within 911 call centers in Suffolk County. Residents are urged if they call 911 and receive a fast busy signal to hang up and immediately 631-537-7575.
You may receive an automated County wide alert on your cell phone directing you to call 852-COPS in the event you need 911. Calling that number will direct you through prompts which will lead you back to EHTPD dispatch.
The department is working to identify and rectify the issue as quickly as possible and there has been no disruption to emergency services being dispatched as a result of the issue.

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