What happens to dogs that are picked up by Animal Control?
Dogs that are seized by an Animal Control officer and impounded are brought to a boarding facility within the town. Once at the boarding facility, healthy, uninjured dogs are given a Bordetella vaccination (prevents against Kennel Cough, a highly contagious respiratory infection), scanned for a microchip, assigned a stray number and a kennel. Dogs that are sick or injured when seized are given immediate medical attention by a licensed veterinarian upon arrival to the boarding facility, if the dog’s health allows they too are given a Bordetella vaccination, scanned for a microchip and assigned a stray number and kennel. The dogs will remain boarded until claimed by an owner or once they have reached 10 days of being impounded.

In the event a dog is not claimed, the dog is then evaluated by The Animal Rescue Fund of The Hamptons (ARF) to determine if the dog is safe for adoption. If the dog is not suitable for adoption (for reasons such as aggression, or bite, etc) then the dog is humanely euthanized. All efforts, including but not limited to, social media, microchipping, ID tags, license tags, and report histories are used in an attempt to locate owners of stray dogs.

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