How do I obtain a Special Event Permit and when is it required to have one?

Residential Property: A permit is required if more than 50 people will be at the event.

Commercial Property:A permit for any assembly upon a property which is either zoned for commercial use, or is zoned residential, multifamily, resort or other noncommercial use but actually used for a commercial business as a legally preexisting, nonconforming business, or for an assembly upon property zoned for and used for commercial purposes, and which assembly is not consistent with the approved use( s) for the commercial property, in that it includes one or more of the following:

A.The sale of goods or merchandise, by fixed price or auction, upon a property not approved for retail sales, or if approved for the same, from a location on the property not approved for such use;

B. The sale of food or beverages upon a property not approved for the sale of food or beverages, or if approved for the same, from a location on the property not approved for such use;

C.The use of outdoor areas of the premises for business purposes, and such use is not included in the customary and/or approved use for the premises;

D. A performance, speech, recital or other presentation by an entertainer or other artist, with or without the use of musical instruments or recorded music, for which a fee is charged, if such property is not approved for such use;

E.The erection of a tent upon the premises;

F. The parking of attendees' vehicles upon any public street, highway, right-of-way or other off-site location due to lack of availability of parking upon the premises hosting the assembly;

G.A farmer's market provided the commercial premises are not otherwise utilized by the businesses legally occupying the site at the time the market is operational.

Public Property: a permit for an organized assembly of persons upon a property which is a public park, beach, or other property which is open to the public. Please note that the exemption allows for, Noncommercial social events as defined above, on public property involving up to 20 people over the age of 18 years, provided that there is no tent, and the event is neither catered nor for which other services have been contracted.

Parade/Run/Walk/Triathlon: No person, group, entity or organization shall organize or conduct a parade/walk-run, as defined herein, upon any public street, sidewalk, walkway, right-of-way or public property within the Town of East Hampton, outside of the boundaries of any incorporated village, without first having obtained a written special event parade/walk-run permit from the appropriate Town officials.

Art Sale: permit for the commercial sale of artwork by the artist, upon the residential property of the artist. The holding of Art Sales on more than three occasions in a calendar year or for more than three successive days shall be deemed a business use subject to the provisions of Chapter 255, Zoning, of the Town Code of the Town of East Hampton.

The entire Local Law can be found at,

* All assembly permits are subject to review by the Assembly and Film Committee. Applications must be received in advance to ensure that your permit will be approved. The committee meets once a week during Peak season (May - October) the rest of the year the meetings will be monthly (Nov-April). Please feel free to view the local law at 

For any of these permits please contact Gabriella Gelir at 631-324-3187 or by email

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