• John Aldred
  • Workshop
  • Nate McKenney, a previous Environmental Aide
  • Annual Shellfish Hatchery Workshop Series
  • A Member of the Workshop Series
  • Overwintered Scallops Being Removed
  • Scallop Restoration Project
  • Scallops in Pearl Nets
  • Scallops on Eelgrass
  • Barley Dunne Tying Pearl Nets
  • Jennifer Gaites Disseminating Our Shellfish
  • Shellfish Are Ready to Be Released Into the Wild
  • Inspecting Set Oysters in a Downweller
  • Filter Bags Over Scallop Dwellers
  • Upwellers and Tanks Are Cleaned and Maintained
  • Nate McKenney, Environmental Aide
  • Jennie Rice, an Environmental Aide
  • The Nursery Site on Three Mile Harbor
  • Napeague Harbor Barge
  • Barge in Napeague Harbor
  • Napeague Harbor Field Grow-Out Barge
  • Napeague Harbor, Amagansett
  • Paul Hamilton, Environmental Aide
  • Oysters Are Set Up in a Neat Row During Spawning
  • A Spawning Tray
  • Juvenile Oysters
  • Broodstock Conditioning Tank
  • First Stages in Shellfish Larvae Grow-Out
  • East Hampton Shellfish Hatchery
  • Montauk Hatchery Site Overlooking Fort Pond Bay
  • The Dock That Holds Our Saltwater Intake Probe
  • Barley Dunne, Swirling Our Many Algae Strains - Th
  • Frank Quevedo Maintaining Algae Cultures
  • The Hatchery Greenhouse
  • The Outback Downwelling System of the Hatchery

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